Power 4 Patriots Review: Does it Really Work?

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It’s John and I wanted to thank you for checking out my Power 4 Patriots Review.  As a fellow patriot myself, I do everything I can to protect the lives of my loved ones.  That’s why I wanted to give you my feedback on Power 4 Patriots and tell you why it’s a must have in the dangerous times we live in today.

What’s Power 4 Patriots?

Product Name Power 4 Patriots
Company Food 4 Patriots LLC
Price $27
Where to Buy Click Here

Taking into account the current political climate and the already increasing cost of living, we can only assume that the everyday things we need to survive, including heating and electricity will also steadily continue to skyrocket. There is, however, light at the end of a very dark tunnel! This product can help you gain power independence and keep your family safe and warm even during blackouts and power outages that are expected to become more frequent under the current governmental paradigms. [3]

Legislation and commitment to carbon regulations is going to result in power plants having to retrofit equipment to comply with carbon emission regulations. This is going to cost a lot of money and the only place they can recoup this capital expenditure, is from your pocket. Power 4 Patriots can provide you with the necessary tools to relinquish the hold the oil and gas companies have on you and become completely power independent. [2]

They manage this by providing you with step by step, professionally produced videos that carefully and easily explain how you can build your own power plant in your back yard! Sounds crazy but its true! The components needed to build solar panels and wind turbines are actually readily available and surprisingly affordable. Thus you will not have to fork out the exorbitant sums expected by companies manufacturing prefabricated solar panels.

Frank Bates of Food 4 Patriots fame, together with Solar expert Brian Clark have collaborated to crack the solar code and bring you the “solar secret” to cut your power bills drastically and give you the confidence and independence to take charge of your own life and free you from the monopoly of the utilities industry.

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What You Get When You Order Power 4 Patriots Today:

Program #1: Your Guide to Energy Independence

5 professional videos showing you step by step how to build efficient 70 watt solar panels at a fraction of the cost. It explains how you should go about choosing the correct materials to build your panels, how to find the perfect site for you operation and how to avoid the most costly mistake that most people make that will compromise the entire system. It also elucidates the critical tweaks and adjustments necessary to maximize your unit’s efficiency. You will also receive an illustrated companion manual that shows step by step detail for building your solar panels.

Program #2: Solar Panel System

4 bonus videos demonstrating how to build a wind turbine and gain further independence and security. Again, these videos show you where to best procure parts, how to fine tune your system and how to find the most effective location for the system. You will also receive a manual illustrating the step by step instructions.

Program #3: Solar Water Heater Guide

10 videos on how to build and install your own solar water heater. These videos not only show you step by step how to construct the system but also highlights the three critical factors to consider before installation, the pitfalls of location and steps to maximize the efficiency. A manual is provided as well. This is the perfect complement to solar and wind power.

Program #4: Solar Air Heater Guide

4 videos demonstrating how to construct and install a solar air heater. It elucidates how to assemble and install a heater that uses the sun’s energy to heat your home, as well as how to optimize its efficiency. You will also receive your complementary manual.

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3 Incredible Bonus Items You Get Today

Bonus #1: Water Survival Guide

This is an essential report that will serve to help you find, clean and store water in tough times which is essential to survival.

Bonus #2: Solar Cooker Guide

This guide serves to inform you of the steps you can take to utilize the sun to cook your food to prevent spoiling and disease without the use of fire by means of constructing a working solar cooker.

Bonus #3: Disaster 101: How To Survive Any Emergency

This guide will help you prepare you and your family for emergency situations, providing the critical information necessary to create a disaster plan.

By utilizing these step by step guides and constructing your own personal power plant, you can be sure to always keep your family protected from power outages, blackouts, storms and domestic emergencies and on top of all that, protect your pocket from the inflated prices utility companies charge. [1]

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Does Power 4 Patriots Come With a Money Back Guarantee?

So confident are the manufacturers in Power 4 Patriots, that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product within 365 days (Yes you heard right! A full year), you will receive a full money back guarantee. And to top this, if you open the packing any time within 25 years of purchase and the contents is spoiled, you will receive a 300% refund! With this kind of security, you can’t really go wrong.

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What If The Product Doesn’t Work?

The company will be happy to give you a refund.  All you have to do is send the product back to the address below.

Attn: 4Patriots Returns Department
8601 West Washington Street Suite 200
Tolleson, Arizona 85353

My Final Power 4 Patriots Review

The current power grid is outdated and extremely vulnerable to terrorist attack or natural disasters. This fact alone should promote this product. Being power independent and self-sufficient is a luxury that everybody should be able to afford. And now you can with this set of step by step instructional videos. It may seem pie-in-the-sky thinking, but the way these videos are made and the materials needed, are aimed at the regular Joe. Most of the raw materials necessary can be bought at the local hardware or procured online, making this venture not only conceivable but possible!

The burden of the government regulations that result in an overloaded power grid and subsequent rate hikes should not be your problem! Get power self-sufficient today with Power 4 Patriots.

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